Daval specialise in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of integrated control systems.

We’ve been working since 1985 and, from our purpose built facility in Shropshire, we deliver systems for some of the biggest names in the world in sectors such as food and beverages, leisure, automotive and agriculture and pharmaceuticals. Our team of experts are global leaders in their fields, but we don’t let the scale of our expertise stop us from offering a personal, one to one service.

When we work with a customer we enter into a partnership with them in which we are as dedicated to delivering for their business as they are. When we commission an integrated control system we do it from the perspective of providing exactly what a customer requires. The commissioning process itself will consist of stages such as applying power to the control panel, testing any power supplies, checking the function of the control circuits and testing any mechanical components.

At each stage, the tests will be compared to the intentions as set out by the original design and installation, and any aspect of the system found to not be meeting these benchmarks will be modified until it does. By the time our experts have finished commissioning your control systems and plant they will be operating to maximum efficiency. The fact that we operate an end to end service – from consultancy and design through manufacture to installation and commissioning – means that we have detailed experience of how each stage of the process impacts on every other stage. When we commission a system we do so with full understanding of how and why it came to be designed and installed in the way it was and the impact this will have on its future operation.

If you’d like to talk to us about having a control system commissioned, or simply have questions regarding control systems in general, please call us on +44 (0) 1746 780 226, fill in our contact form or drop an email to sales@daval.co.uk A member of our team will be happy to explain in detail exactly what we offer.