Daval specialise in every stage of providing integrated control systems.

From initial consultation and design, through manufacturing, installation and commissioning, we can deliver whatever it takes to provide each customer with a design system tailored to exactly meet their needs and work within their budget. We’ve been delivering to blue chip customers in sectors like food and beverages, leisure, automotive and agriculture and pharmaceuticals since 1985, and in that time our team of experts have refined the process of installation down to a fine art.

When we work with a customer we enter into a close partnership with them. Initially, that is immensely valuable when we are consulting on the control systems they need and putting a design together. By getting to know a customer's business in detail we make sure we deliver a control system which is tailored to their requirements and delivered within the established budget.

When it comes to installation, our knowledge of the way a customer works will enable us to put the new control systems in place with the absolute minimum of disruption.

Our engineers will install any cabling required to power the control system and our software experts will install the software and integrate it with existing systems. Components such as speed drives, servos, Robotics, PLCs and SCADA will be set in place and, once the installation is complete, we’ll commission the system in question, test it for compliance with the design intentions and sign off when we’re sure the customer is completely happy.

If you’d like to talk to us about our installation services, or simply have questions regarding control systems in general, please call us on +44 (0) 1746 780 226, fill in our contact form or drop an email to sales@daval.co.uk A member of our team will be happy to explain in detail exactly what we offer.